My name is Bethan. I am a French and Spanish graduate from the University of York. I started this blog when my year abroad took me to France and then Argentina. I had a wonderful time swanning around South America, meeting amazing people, learning about new cultures and seeing spectacular places, all in an effort to learn the languages I claimed to study. I now have a degree, which has opened my eyes to the diversity of the world around me and the marvel of learning about people who have traditions, ways of life and interests different to my own. My degree has not, however, given me the language skills I need to decode Andalucian Spanish where I currently find myself. I am living the pueblo life and working as an auxiliar de conversacion in a primary school, and am completely out of my comfort zone again but excited to find my feet.

I love travel, and have an ever growing list of places I want to visit. I love food as all who know me will attest, and consider it a fundamental part of getting to know and learning about different cultures. I like to think of myself as an optimist, which is convenient as I am clumsier than anyone I know, and practically attract ridiculous situations.

I would love to hear what you think of what I have to say, I hope you enjoy!

Bethan x


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